Jess is a London-based florist & grower. Her floral designs are inspired by an obsession with nature and love for the arts. During months spent volunteering with growers in the UK and America, the realisation hit that she wanted to work solely with locally grown flowers. Her commitment to this allows for full transparancy with clients and results in work that is truly seasonal, dictated by nature and minimises waste. 


She grows her own flowers on an organic farm in rural Essex, led by regenerative and organic practices. As well as supporting & working with other small scale growers to source her ingredients, she is always exploring new alternatives to floral foam and working with clients to repurpose or re-home flowers when the party's over, but the flowers are not.


Above all, Jess believes that by giving her flowers the space to breathe and dance in all of her work, they have the power to ignite energies & uplift spirits. 

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