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In 2020, alongside chef Lulu Cox & fellow florist & grower Olivia Wilson, we launched SSAW Collective. SSAW was born out of our shared passion for showcasing and celebrating what true seasonality means in the food & floral industries respectively. Joining forces has allowed us to create work and produce events that advocate for positive ecological change, acting as a platform for championing local change-makers, farmers and producers across the country. 


SSAW has allowed us to develop a way of working and approach to floristry that is braver yet simpler, being wholly guided by the season’s bounty in the moment. Our commitment to making work that reflects nature’s fragility has led to a rewarding, unique and hugely positive creative relationship. We continue to publish an online Journal and campaign for a slower, more resourceful style of food and flowers - starting conversations around provenance, seasonality and the often harsh realities faced by the growers we all rely upon to nourish us. 


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