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Growing flowers is non-negotiable for me. Part therapy, part obsession, part love for the outdoors - I wholeheartedly believe that it makes me a better florist when I am growing. After months of work experience on biodynamic and regenerative farms across the country, I began to grow flowers as part of my commitment to using British grown materials in my work without exception. Whilst I grow on a much smaller scale than your average market gardener or flower farmer, It gives me real insight and perspective into what is happening week by week, month by month in the growing calendar. My appreciation for and understanding of each variety has elevated since I started growing flowers for work, and I’m able to plant varieties that I can’t source elsewhere. 


Having spent three growing seasons out ‘at the poly’ in rural Essex, I now grow on a humble urban plot in Hackney. Having been entrusted with the garden previously run by Anna & Issy of The Flower Appreciation Society for the 2023 growing season, I feel very lucky to be able to provide London based clients with genuinely hyper-locally grown flowers, the aim being to have enough flowers so there is always something special to pick for every job. 


If you'd like to visit the garden, I’ll be running the Floral Master Class workshops in collaboration with The Flower Appreciation Society throughout the summer of 2023  - click here for dates & to find out more. 

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